Ron Severdia

Creative + Product

Ron has served as Chief Creative Officer and Chief Product Officer, leading creative, product development, and technology initiatives. He has also served as Creative Director on branding projects ranging from Web applications and brand-identity development to interactive campaigns for clients such as Apple, Electronic Arts, HP, Verizon, Visa, Walmart, and Yahoo! His prior experience includes DDB, Landor Associates, and Young & Rubicam.

Ron has built complex Web applications for companies large and small, including a worldwide branding site for Citibank and a big data portal for eBay. With a keen eye on user-centered design, responsive Web standards and compelling interactive experiences, he has proven his ability to accomplish above and beyond a client's strategic goals.

Fluent in several languages, he worked for seven years in Europe where he won several awards for successful creative work.

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Ron Severdia is the author of two bestselling technology books published by O'Reilly Media and translated into more than a dozen languages. He has written technology articles, white papers, and stories on a range of topics, including:

  • Digital content
  • Product development
  • Interactive marketing and social engagement
  • Web and big data applications
  • Brand identity and digital branding

Ron is also an expert on Shakespearean literature and has also written articles on analysis and theories of Shakespeare's works.


Ron Severdia has presented and participated in panels at some of the largest technology conferences in the world. His straightforward presentation approaches make even the most complex concepts easy to understand. His easygoing and entertaining style always makes his impactful presentations memorable long after the event has passed. Here are some of the technology events he has participated in, giving acute insight to the future of digital content development as well as content development platforms and products:

  • Learning Impact Leadership Institute
  • Book Expo America
  • Frankfurt Book Fair
  • Digital Book World
  • BISG
  • Worldwide Joomla conferences and developer summits

Ron is also an expert on Shakespearean literature and has spoken at a number of conferences, including the Shakespeare Theatre Association.


Ron Severdia has innovation and creativity in his bones. He has set up technology incubators and specialty think tanks to come up with cutting-edge ideas and push product innovation—then drive those ideas from conception to market-ready. He has personally developed over a dozen technology patents and helped companies formulate complex patent strategies. Some of his technology patents include:

  • Digital Media Personalization
  • Systems, Methods, and Media for Generating Structured Documents
  • Systems, Methods, and Media for Generating Electronic Books
  • Adaptive Learning Components for Electronic Books
  • Adaptive Experiences for Graphic Novels

Being an expert on Shakespearean literature, Ron has also developed a patent and system by which historical Old English texts can be automatically "modernized," making then understandable for today's readers. He is also the creator of the first and most popular Shakespeare app for Apple devices (and Android) with over 8 million downloads.