Guinness World Records

Project: Reinventing a Classic Book in Digital Form

Project: Reinventing a Classic Book in Digital Form

The Challenge

The international publisher of the greatest feats on the planet wanted to appeal to a younger audience and go digital with their new release. Guinness World records is known all over the world for their often-wacky records. They hadn't created a digital edition yet and wanted a product that would fit with their image and enable them to build their marketing database.

The Results

I analyzed their content, breaking it down into discreet taxonomies, to best make use of interactivity. A well-received part of the product were Star Cards, a way to collect virtual cards of your favorite world records within the product and share them on social media. I also created a bonus chapter, promoted within the product, which users could download for free in exchange for providing their email address and profile details.

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