Project: Breaking the Mold With a New Strategy

Project: Breaking the Mold With a New Strategy

The Challenge

Kikkoman was struggling with a lack of brand awareness and the versatility of their product beyond "just sushi".

The Strategy

I created a campaign around the idea of "Discovering Umami," the fifth and little-known "savory" taste (in addition to sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness). This educated website visitors and improved overall awareness of Kikkoman soy sauce usage in a variety of recipes. The goal was to create online banners and a microsite to show the history of Kikkoman and Michelin-star quality recipes with Kikkoman products and umami flavors.

The animation began with a savory animation of soy sauce leading into a horizontal scrolling thumbnail menu. The user hovers left or right to scroll to the various stories and recipes, clicking on them to expand the details.

Interaction Design Exploration Interaction Design Exploration

The campaign ran globally in six different languages for thirty days.

The Results

The thirty-day campaign received higher CTRs and a CVRs than any campaign the company had done to date.