Andy Warhol: Modern Masters

Project: Solve a Difficult Design Challenge

Project: Solve a Difficult Design Challenge

The Challenge

With his tomato soup cans, silk-screened disasters, and matter-of-fact commercialism, Andy Warhol helped create the Pop art ethos. Abbeville Press, a publisher of high-quality fine art books, wasn't convinced that an art book from their Modern Masters series could be done in a creative and compelling way for the iPad. Apple asked me to take on the challenge.

The Results

A major factor in designing a layout solution was to make sure that the art was always as large as possible and never let it take a back seat to anything else. It was also crucial to accommodate readers who prefer to browse the book in a non-linear way. To prevent the user from having to bounce around the book to see plates referenced in the text, special popups were created that gave the users a preview and the option to see it full screen in context. Convenient hyperlinks and multiple viewing modes allow readers to navigate seamlessly between the text and illustrations.

The publisher was ecstatic with the results—a beautiful rendition of over 100 classic Warhol works on on your mobile device—and it quickly became the top seller on iTunes. It surpassed all their expectations.

More information

Andy Warhol is part of the Modern Masters series released by Abbeville Press